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What is Emphatec BluDaq?

Emphatec BluDaq is more than just a DIN rail mounted signal conditioner. It is really a DIN rail mounted oscilloscope and it’s so economical you can afford to put one in every control cabinet. It was designed to allow troubleshooting or monitoring of devices within a control cabinet, with the system powered, from a safe distance. No risk of arc-flash or other hazards. It can be temporarily installed in the cabinet during system testing or commissioning or installed permanently for long term monitoring.

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Emphatec BluDaq has a total of 20 inputs – 6 digital and 14 analog. This includes two current inputs rated 0-10A ac/dc, one 0-300Vdc input, seven 0-30Vac/dc inputs, two differential voltage inputs for use with current shunts, one thermocouple input as well as an internal temperature sensor for monitoring ambient temperature. All these inputs can be displayed on an Android tablet via a 115.2K baud Bluetooth link. No matter what you want to measure, the Emphatec BluDaq module should have a compatible input.

The tablet display looks like a modern digital oscilloscope complete with horizontal and vertical scaling, triggering options and more. Emphatec BluDaq is not a data logger – it provides real time status of the inputs

BluDaq Manual
Download the Emphatec BluDaq User Manual

Wireless Oscilloscope Wireless Oscilloscope Cat. #: 330443

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Emphatec is pleased to announce the appointment of Design Build Components, as authorized Distributor of our product line, in the State of Pennsylvania.
Mica Controls Ltd. becomes exclusive Representative in Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and NW Territories.
The only trade association for the instrumentation and automation industry in Canada, Emphatec joins CPCA

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