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PLI Passive Loop Interface
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Analog Interfaces PLI Passive Loop Interface Cat. #: 330008

The InstaLink®-PLI combines the features of three terminal blocks used to interface a current loop to a PLC or DCS - two feedthrough terminals and a ground terminal for the shield. But it also includes a make-before-break connector as well as HART® protocol test points. The module is passive and requires no power.

Like many of the InstaLink® modules the PLI module includes a make-before-break connector that allows a meter to be inserted into the input loop and removed without causing a momentary interruption of the loop.

A test cable is available. A jumpering system is provided for the shield in the transmitter cable and the 24Vdc supply. The jumpers use 0.187” push-on terminals. Jumpers are provided with the module. The Instalink®-PLI is one of four InstaLink® modules designed for 4-20mA loop applications and is the most basic. The others are the CLM current limiter, the GLF ground loop filter and the CLI loop isolator.

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